The registration process for doctors and medical staff in Australia can seem quite complicated. The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing has produced a very informative website with all the ins and outs of the registration process. Please see DoctorConnect for more information on the entire process for an overseas trained medical professional in Australia.
Doctor Jobs in Australia

There are a number of pathways that can be taken towards medical registration, depending upon your particular circumstances and qualifications and whether you are a general practitioner (GP/family physician), specialist or hospital non-specialist.

Before practising in Australia, all overseas trained doctors (OTDs) must first obtain registration from the Medical Board in the State or Territory in which they wish to work. Part of the medical registration requirement will be proof of English language proficiency.

Eligible doctors receive full medical registration OR conditional medical registration. The type of medical registration you receive primarily affects the type of location in which you may work, but may also affect other aspects of employment, such as your field of practice.

Overseas trained Doctors who do not qualify for full registration or who have not completed the standard pathway for specialist assessment or the standard pathway for GP assessment must work in an Area of Need.

In addition to medical registration, any doctor who will be working in a hospital in any capacity (including visiting GPs and specialists) must undergo a credentialing process.

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