To practice as an Occupational Therapist in Australia, you must be registered as an Occupational Therapist with the Occupational Therapist Board of Australia. To be registered you must meet certain registration standards, stipulated by the Occupational Therapist Board of Australia. Your registration is under the National Law. Your registration with the board is recognised by all states and territories in Australia, and is compulsory to be permitted to work in Australia as an Occupational Therapist.

An occupational therapist requires registration in the following situations:

  • The individual has direct clinical contact
  • The individual contributes to the delivery of health services
  • The individual directs or supervisors other practitioners
  • The individual’s employer indemnity insurance requires registration
  • The community expects it from their healthcare providers
  • The individual is required by law to be registered
  • The individual wants a protected title
  • The individual wants Medicare benefits

To find registration requirements, applications and extensive information on registering as an Occupational Therapist, please refer to the Occupational Therapist Board of Australia website.


Internationally qualified Occupational Therapists


If you are an internationally qualified Occupational Therapists wishing to practice in Australia, you are required to undergo an assessment by the Occupational Therapy Council. This assessment has two stages. These stages include:


  • Stage 1: Desktop audit
  • Stage 2: Supervised practice audit


After assessment, the qualified occupational therapist may apply for Skilled Migration to Australia to be permitted to work as an occupational therapist in Australia.


Internationally qualified Occupational therapists must also demonstrate:

  • English language proficiency
  • Grandparenting

To find out more about Skilled Migration to Australia, the assessment process for internationally qualified occupational therapists or the forms required for this process please refer to the Occupational Therapy Council website.

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