To be a physiotherapist in Australia you must earn a bachelor degree or higher qualification. After completing your degree or higher, to qualify to practice as a physiotherapist in Australia, you must register with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, and meet their specified registration standards. It is important to understand that in all areas of Australia, registration is compulsory to practice as a physiotherapist. There a certain registration types that a physiotherapist must register in to practice in Australia. These registration types include:


  1. General registration
  2. Limited registration
  3. Non practicing registration
  4. Student registration


To be registered as a physiotherapist with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, you must also meet certain registration standards. Registration in Australia is recognised in all states and territories of Australia that have enacted the National Law. For more information pertaining to registering as a physiotherapist in Australia, registration application forms or fees please refer to the Physiotherapy board of Australia website. If you would like help with the registration process, HealthStaff Recruitment can help with the process, and find you a physiotherapist job that’s right for you. If you would like our help please feel free to contact us here or submit an enquiry here.


Internationally Qualified Physiotherapists working in Australia


Internationally qualified physiotherapists wishing to work in Australia, as a physiotherapist, must be registered to work in Australia. Before internationally qualified physiotherapists can be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, they must undergo an assessment by the Australian Physiotherapy Council.


The Australian Physiotherapy council performs assessments based on a candidates knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes to meet the criteria for general registration. The assessment process has two different assessments available to internationally qualified physiotherapists.


The first assessment type is a three part assessment process including the following:


  1. Initial assessment
  2. Written examination
  3. Clinical assessment


*Please note that passing this assessment will mean that the candidate will receive a certificate to meet part of the registration requirements.


The second assessment type is an assessment for internationally qualified physiotherapists who may have completed the equivalent to an accredited Australian physiotherapy study program. This assessment requires the individual to submit all documents pertaining to their university study, with detailed descriptions of the course structure, and the qualifications received. If the individuals program is found to be equivalent to an Australian accredited program, then the candidate will be issued with a certificate stating that it is equivalent. This certificate can then be used to meet a part of the registration requirements for general registration.


For extensive information on the assessment of registration, and the registration process for internationally qualified physiotherapists, please refer to the Physiotherapy Council of Australia website. If you would like help with the entire registration process please feel free to contact us. At HealthStaff Recruitment, we can help register you as a physiotherapist, whilst finding you the perfect job for your qualifications and experience.


Industry association memberships


Networking opportunities are always a great idea! You may benefit from becoming a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, and meet like-minded people. It could certainly help you with employment prospects, networking possibilities, contact with the industry and industry professionals, and may provide you with important information and support. Take a look at the Australian Physiotherapy Association website.