UnitingCare Health is a health service that provides health services in Queensland. UnitingCare Health holds its place as one of the largest not for profit private hospitals within Queensland. UnitingCare Health is also a part of the UnitingCare Queensland group. As a major provider of healthcare services, it operates with over 1000 beds and has employed over 4000 healthcare professionals. UnitingCare Health has 4 hospitals as part of its service group. These hospitals include:


  1. St Andrews War Memorial Hospital
  2. The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital
  3. St Stephen’s Hospital
  4. The Wesley Hospital


For more information about UnitingCare Health or any of the hospitals a part of this service group, please refer to the UnitingCare Health website.


Employment with UnitingCare Health

UnitingCare health is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to patient care, and they have been known to invest in bettering their facilities, technology, research and education. They understand that having great staff is essential to providing great patient care. UnitingCare invests in its healthcare professionals, so that they continue to learn and develop, and in turn create the best patient care.


UnitingCare are committed to their employees and ensuring that they provide a work environment that fosters a balanced work and lifestyle approach through initiatives such as flexible working arrangements. It is truly a rewarding place to work. If you would like to work for UnitingCare Health or ones of its hospitals, we can help you secure a job, and guide you throughout the employment process. If you would like our help please submit your CV here and we will get back to you.



You can now view a video online detailing what it would be like working at each of our facilities on YouTube. To view the video, click on the link below.


UnitingCare Health Recruitment Video


The Wesley Hospital – Brisbane