If any dependents 18 years or over are not deemed to have functional English you may have to pay a 2nd installment. See fees here.

• Any applicant working in the state of NSW with school age children may need this type of
visa as schooling is very expensive for those with work visas. This only applies to the state
of NSW. The cost of schooling for those on 457 sponsored work permits in NSW is around AUD$4,000-$4,500 per child per year. You may apply for an exemption but this is not guaranteed. To find more about this go to the Department of Education.

• It is preferably that you are under 45 years of age to be eligible. Registered nurses and
midwives who are over 45 years of age can still apply for permanent residency but it is not
guaranteed. All applications are assessed independently by Australian immigration.

• You must have at least 3 years registered nursing experience to be eligible

• You must sign a 3 year contract with the hospital, your employer. This is a requirement by immigration to protect both parties.

• This visa can take up to 9 months to be arranged.

*If your first location preference is New South Wales, (Sydney) and you have school age children or wish to travel on sponsored migration (PR) you will have to first gain Australian registration before we can assist you in finding employment. The reason for this is that this is a long process and it can often take 12 months for candidates to gain registration and their PR visa. Many hospitals simply cannot hold positions this long or offer employment this far in advance.