Doctor Salaries in the UK

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Have you made a choice to live and work as a GP in the UK? If you have been working as a doctor for some time, then making the move can be a little daunting, especially when it comes to doctor salaries in the UK. Throw in a few more things to worry about, such as pensions, accommodation, taxes and general living expenses, and you may find yourself having second thoughts. However it needn’t be as difficult as you’re imagining.

If you are a doctor, salaries in the UK can be easily located and, depending on which area you want to work in, differ. Then the specialty and level of training comes into how much you can expect for your salary. It’s best to look into it carefully before you decide where you want to work.


GPs on a salary can expect to earn between almost £56,000 and £85,000 in England – the lower end of that scale is approximately AU$110,600. If you want to compare that to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, it’s pretty much the same.

Working in the clinical academic field can see those relocating to England earning close to £100,000, taking into account certain criteria such as pay threshold and seniority at transfer as an NHS consultant. Of course then you have the added benefit of only lecturing during the academic year, so you can spend your time off volunteering, travelling, studying, researching, or working elsewhere.

If you are a junior doctor and training in England, depending on the scale you are sitting on and how far along in your training you are, you can expect to be bringing in (up to) a bit over £47,000. The minimum is £22,862 (AU$45,138).

The “specialty and associate specialist doctor” commands at least £52,643 and this can go as far as £70,018 (AU$138,287), again, depending on the scale and whether you are an associate specialist or specialty doctor. A senior occupational physician will see up to £137,289 (AU$271,170).

Your doctor salary can vary, depending on the level of training and speciality you practice in. However pay is but one factor determining your move, and just one feature of your employment you need to consider.

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