Everything OTD’s Need to Know About Employer Sponsored Visas

Close up shot of an Australian working visa

Planning to work in a foreign country requires a lot of forethought and planning. There’s the little things you may not have considered, such as opening a bank account and planning what you’re going to do with the superannuation from your home country.

Then there are the major things that, sometimes, can be quite minor but generate a lot of stress anyway. And then there are the major things that are major, and need due attention and effort. Obtaining the correct visa, as an overseas trained doctor entering the country on an employer-sponsored visa, is imperative. If you want to work in Australia as a doctor you will need to obtain an Australian working visa.


Plans could be laid to waste if you arrive at Australian customs and are turned away because your visa is not correct, or you could make it to your new place of work and be refused. Just because you have a sponsor and a visa of some kind doesn’t guarantee entry and the right to work.

What is a 457 Visa?

A 457 visa (Temporary Long Business Stay) enables the holder to live and work in Australia for up to four years. If you’ve worked for the same sponsor for two years, you may be eligible for permanent residency through the “temporary resident transition stream”. An Employer Nomination Scheme (186) will grant permanent residency to an employee and their family if they are eligible for the temporary resident transition stream.

What is a 187 Visa?

If you’re being sponsored on a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187) your employer will probably have less strict obligations and you may not need a skill assessment. However your employer must be based in a designated regional area.

What is a 402 Visa?

A Training and Research visa (402) entitles the holder to train on-the-job while working for an Australian employer.

How do I get a visa sponsorship?

You must have someone willing to sponsor you – an employer – in order to obtain employer sponsored visa. Both you and your employer must meet the appropriate criteria. Your eligibility will be determined by where your employer is located, whether they’re approved to be a sponsor, how much work experience you have and in what industry, what qualifications you have, the job you will be undertaking and the money offered for the position.

If you’re an overseas trained doctor and you need to obtain an Australian working visa, then it might be best to engage the services of a business that handles that kind of thing daily. For more information about visas, please contact HealthStaff Recruitment migration services. We are registered migration agents MARN 1680893. In the meantime, feel free to browse our selection of doctor jobs in Australia.