Interested to work in Australia? Information sessions for General Practitioners in September in the UK

We will be in the UK again from  27 – 30 September 2022 for individual meetings with General Practitioners who like to explore the work options in Australia.

We received many requests to discuss the following items:

  • What will be your income as a GP in Australia
  • RACGP Practice Experience Program (PEP)
  • Where can you work as an overseas trained GP
  • What are District Priority Areas (DPA)
  • What is a Health Workforce Certificate
  • What entails 19AB
  • What means the 10 year moratorium
  • What is the difference between bulk billing and mixed billing
  • What are the visa options

The venues are in:

  • London 27 September
  • Birmingham 28 September
  • Manchester 29 September
  • Glasgow 30 September
  • Optional Bristol, Leeds and Edinburgh

It’s a big step to move to another country so far away and this might be a good opportunity to meet with us in person.

Book your individual session today by sending an email to: [email protected]