Job Interview Questions For Doctors

Job interview reminder for a doctor in a diary

On the surface, the interview a doctor attends with a potential employer is very similar to that of any other profession. The employer is attempting to find someone with the right skill set, who will suit the facility and who can act appropriately at the right times.

The interviewer/s will ask a set list of questions and there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Of course, they’ll be listening for key words, but medical interview questions will be answered differently by many eligible applicants.It’s the overall picture the interviewer obtains from the process that leads them to select the successful doctor.


However it pays to be prepared for your interview, and to have some idea of the doctor interview questions that will be asked, and how you can answer them truthfully.

Tell Me About Yourself?

As with any other interview, the interviewer probably won’t want to know your favourite meal, or the last movie you saw. What they are looking for is your professional training, your experience, your hopes and goals.

Be brief (don’t waffle) but give as much information as you can. If you are asked what your goals are, align them with the business you’re interviewing with. If you’re speaking with the director of a small, new practice, let them know you’re seeking to help build a business and become an integral part of their successful future.

Why Do You Want To Be a Doctor?

If you’re asked why you want to be a doctor, your answer shouldn’t mention money, pay or remuneration. Similarly, don’t say “I want to make a difference”. It’s too broad and, well, common. Be truthful, though, and don’t say what you think the interviewer wants to hear. Give examples, if needed, to explain why you’re giving a particular answer.

What are Your Weaknesses?

If the doctor interview question is “what are your weaknesses”, don’t admit to binge-watching television series on Netflix. Answers such as “I tend to take my work seriously” or “I sometimes take work home to complete” indicate that you know it’s a weakness, but it is a benefit to the business.

Why Did You Apply For This Position?

Another popular job interview question is “why did you apply for this position”. Show you’ve done some research and pick a point about the facility, and work that into your answer, for example, “I’ve always had a fondness for emerging family practices in new suburbs – it gives me a chance to grow with the facility as well as our patients, and build a real relationship”.

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