Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Voted the Most Trusted Profession

What is the most trusted profession I hear you ask? It’s not surprising that nurses have been voted the number one most ethical and trusted profession for the 20th consecutive year! Nurses were closely followed by doctors, pharmacists and dentists.

A recent survey by Ray Morgan has surveyed Australians aged 14 and over, which has shown healthcare professionals to be regarded as the most ethical, honest and therefore trustworthy profession. Here are some of the stats:

  • 91% of Australians consider nurses as the number one for ethics and honesty
  • 86% of Australians consider pharmacists and doctors number one for ethics and honesty

Whilst there are the most trusted professions, there are also the most distrusted professions. Can you take a guess of what they are?

  • Politicians
  • Advertising people
  • Car salesman

This is a significant achievement for Australian nurses. Nurses represent a large proportion of healthcare professionals in Australia’s workforce. They have continually provided quality patient care to individuals of all ages, abilities and disabilities in hospitals and various other medical facilities.

There has been a call to fund, develop and implement strategies that create jobs for nurses and midwives to ensure the future of that workforce is prosperous. To learn more please refer to the Nurses the most trusted Australian profession article on the Transforming the Nation website.