Reasons to Work as a Doctor in the UK

Big Ben at night time in the UK

There seems to be a natural shift of GPs coming to work in Australia, but what if you have decided to relocate and work as a doctor in the UK? Foreign doctors working in the UK are just as popular, and the UK is a great destination if you want to move and work.

There are many reasons to work as a doctor in the UK. It’s a great time to be looking for opportunities in the UK. It can be exactly what your career needs whether you want to travel or live the quintessential British lifestyle, the UK will deliver. Here are just a few other reasons you should be considering a Brit work/life balance:


  • Working as a doctor in the UK should be a fairly simple process for those already in the medical field. It’s even easier for Australian doctors. What makes it so simple is the UK is fairly similar to Australia – the language is the same (albeit with cultural differences) and apart from subtle nuances, you can slip into the vernacular quite quickly.
  • The money is easy enough to learn. Pounds and pence, for the most part, and the conversion is a simple formula is you can’t work it out on your smart phone.
  • Doctors are adequately compensated for their work with nice salaries.
  • The cuisine is similar, again, aside from cultural differences.
  • Hygiene practices the same as those found in Australia mean no upset tummies while you adjust to local foods.
  • Transport is easily navigable; pretty much the same laws apply to UK citizens for both drivers and those off the road.
  • As far as qualifications are concerned, working as a doctor in the UK is a matter of ensuring your qualifications are accepted by the governing body in the UK (the General Medical Council) and that you speak English to an acceptable standard. It is a similar process as UK doctors face coming to work in Australia.
  • The GMC’s website is straight forward and will point you in the right direction.
  • Once you have your paperwork in order, have attended an office for an identity check and paid the appropriate fee, registration should be forthcoming. During peak times (January and July) the processing times will be longer, so it is best to get in before then otherwise you’ll face a wait.
  • If you need to supply further documentation it could take longer, too. Ensure you have all appropriate paperwork in order before submitting, and don’t lie or falsify anything.

If you have decided to work as a doctor in the UK, then speak with us here at HealthStaff Recruitment and we will assist you every step of the way.