The Benefits of Working as a Locum GP

Last week The Project, a popular primetime current affairs program on one of Australia’s major TV channels, ran a story on the shortage of doctors in rural and regional areas. One of the towns referenced was Gladstone in Queensland. Despite being a large regional centre with 63,000 residents and a hospital with an Emergency Department, Gladstone is experiencing a shortage of specialists and needs around 20 more General Practitioners.

Young Female Doctor Uses Computer In Workplace.

In some country towns in New South Wales where there is only one GP for every 357 people, patients have to wait months for a routine appointment. Many such towns rely on locum doctors to provide essential primary healthcare services where they are appreciated by patients who would otherwise have to travel to long distances or experience lengthy wait times for care. Locum doctors working in the medical industry in Australia experience some significant benefits.


One of the major incentives of working as a locum doctor in Australia is the financial benefit. The additional income means locum doctors can work less hours and enjoy a greater work-life balance but still meet financial obligations. Those choosing to work full-time can use the additional income to pay off debts and loans or save for big ticket items. Locum doctors also don’t have to worry about overhead costs or work expenses as these are generally taken care of by the facility where the locum is employed.


Working as a locum GP can provide greater flexibility with the option to work full or part-time along with choice over hours and days worked. Such flexibility is appreciated by those with other commitments, such as caring for family members, or for those who want to spend additional time on hobbies or studies. Working as a locum in the medical industry also means being able to choose shifts and placements according to personal preference.


Being able to work in different environments provides exposure to a diverse range of patients and presentations. Such experience helps to broaden problem-solving skills and develop a more expansive professional network. It’s also a great way to travel around the country and experience different and unique locations.


Working as a locum helps to bridge the gap between the number of patients requiring care and the number of permanent healthcare professionals available. Working as a locum GP in areas of need and without the hassle of administrative responsibilities means being able to focus more on the needs of the patient

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