Using a Medical Recruitment Agency vs Direct Recruitment

Medical professionals standing in a line

Sources of employment for medical positions can include direct recruitment through government websites or online medical journals, and via medical recruitment agencies. Medical recruitment agencies can work on behalf of both private and public employers so by using a medical recruitment agency you are not restricted to private enterprise.

Some organisations – large and small – opt to use a preferred medical recruitment agency than find candidates themselves because it is more time efficient, and can be more cost effective.

As a consequence, medical recruitment agencies often have access to more opportunity including unadvertised positions or positions you may have overlooked due to the organisation advertising on a platform you are not familiar with.

Direct recruitment is time consuming and requires a lot of administration. It can involve sending your resume to, and following up with, a number of companies each week. Using a medical recruitment agency means you only need to apply once to the agency rather than to lots of different organisations.

A further advantage of using a medical recruitment agency is that your resume will remain on file and the agency will keep you posted on suitable positions including temporary or contract roles which could lead to a permanent position in the field or location you desire.

Specialist consultants, have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and can provide insight into the companies they have relationships with. This can help you determine if the position is right for you and also provide a heads up on the culture and working environment so that you are better prepared for your interview.

Some medical recruitment agencies also provide advice on your resume and those agencies who employ a registered migration agent can assist overseas candidates with other documentation required, including relevant visas. Services may even extend to helping you transition to your new environment, which is not something typically found through direct recruitment.

Essentially, using a medical recruitment agency can help you get into your dream career sooner with less leg work and reduced stress than with direct recruitment.

It shouldn’t cost you anything to register with a medical recruitment agency and using an agency as part of your job search strategy is something many professionals recommend. For the best experience, choose your agency carefully and be fully engaged in the process.

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